Toy Rotation



If your kids are anything like my little guy, your Christmas probably resulted in toys coming out of your ears. Jonathan is definitely loved by our family and friends! Once we got home and started pulling out all his new toys, I had no idea where to put them all! Of course, the clean and organized part of me had a slight freak out. After looking at a lot of Pinterest ideas, I settled on a toy rotation for our little one’s slew of toys. There are a lot of idea out there, but this is what I feel like worked best for us!

Before you even get started, you will want to decide on how often you want to rotate toys and what container you want to use for each rotation. I used bins like this! You could do a weekly, daily, or even every couple of days rotation. For us, I settled on three sets of toys; we have one each for Sunday/Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday, and Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

The first step in organizing is that you will want to find ALL of the toys (I mean ALL of them. Dig in the diaper bag. Look in your car. Check the high chair. Find ALL of them!) and lay them all out so you can really see what you have to work with. Some may suggest you also incorporating all your books, but I didn’t feel like that was needed for us. I did include the touch and feel type books though. Once you have done this, take a step back and take a deep breathe! You can do this!

Once they are all laid out, be real with yourself and pull out any toys your little one doesn’t play with anymore. Have they outgrown it? Or are they just not that interested? Pull them out. I pulled these toys back for future babies, but you could also always donate them.

Next, start sorting your toys into categories. Some of the groups I had were: stuffed animals, barnyard and woodland, sensory, touch and feel books, balls, cars, and “loud” toys. From here, I pulled out our favorites that we play with everyday. These were put aside and put in their own container. Everything that was left was then sorted into totes. I did my best to have one book, a set of sensory toys, and a “loud” toy in each rotation.

Sunday and Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I keep the bins that we aren’t using in his bedroom, while the favorite toy bin and rotation bin we are currently using is kept in the living room. I did take it a step further and labeled each cubby with what day it served. You can see that in the picture below.



I hope this helps your toy organization out! There are many ways you could change these ideas up to fit you and your family. Have you done a toy rotation in your house? What tips and tricks do you have to add? I would love to hear your thoughts!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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