Baby Puree Combinations


It is such an exciting time when your little one gets to start eating pureed food! It is also sometimes rather daunting. Talk to your healthcare provider before starting anything you’re not comfortable with or have questions about, because I am by no means an expert, but I would love to share some combinations of food my little one absolutely loves. It’s good to be creative with their taste buds, but this will give you some ideas!

As you look, you’ll notice my little one definitely had some favorite stage 1 purees that were carried over into our combinations. They became our staples: sweet potato, avocado, pears, and apples. As we experimented though, other fruits and veggies were added in. Here are our top 8 favorite puree combinations:

1. Avocado and Blueberries

2. Sweet Potato, Carrots, and Pears (or Apples)

3. Bananas and Raspberries

4. Broccoli and Sweet Potato

5. Spinach and Pears

6. Butternut Squash, Yellow Squash, and Apples

7. Butternut Squash and Carrots

8. Banana and Avocado

When I make my baby food, I very rarely make the combinations ahead of time. Instead, I make one ounce cubes of baby puree and store them in baggies in the freezer. Then when I am ready to defrost his food, I have the option of any combination.

I hope these combination ideas help you find some new favorites for your little one! Let me know what your babies think and what other combinations your little ones love!

To see how I make my baby food purees, check out a previous post: Beaba Baby Food Maker.

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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