We Went on Vacation!


Now, if you have me on Facebook, you have already seen a ton of pictures, but if not, this will all be new to you.  My hubby and I decided back when Jonathan was a mere two months old that we would go on a vacation over the next year’s spring break.  Our little guy would be a year old!  We had a lot of people act like we were crazy to leave our little guy behind for a week at that age, but honestly, it was not near as bad as we thought it may have been!  Now, I’m going to save why we decided to do an all adult trip for another post.  To say the least though, we had a blast!


We decided to take a five night stay in Nassau, Bahamas at the Sandals Royal Bahamian.  Colby and I have stayed at Sandals resorts in St. Lucia and Jamaica as well.  You could say we are “regulars”.  The Sandals resorts are truly a great experience!  The all inclusive feature of the resort truly makes the price tag worth it.  Every meal, any drinks, entertainment, and water sports are all included.   You are able to go off the resort to do excursions, but they are optional and cost an extra fee.

SCUBA Diving

For us, the fact that SCUBA is included in the price of the resort makes Sandals our top pick!  In the Bahamas, we had to meet the dive masters in 8:30 am to get our gear and then we had to make a, maybe, fifteen minute drive to the Sandals boat.  On our first day, we saw a manatee and her baby!  It was so neat to see these beauties in their natural habitat, simply drinking from a water hose!


The dive spots were great!  We got to see several “ship wrecks”, that I later found out were actually boats the Bahamian people intentionally sunk into the water to become dive sites and grow coral.  We had considered paying extra to do a shark dive, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that reef sharks would randomly show up at certain dive sites.  We saw sharks on three of our four dives!



We paid extra to go on an excursion away from the resort.  We took a tour where we were led by a tour guide, but were able to drive our own ATV around the island.  We were able to tour Fort Charlotte, which was the largest of the three forts on Nassau and built in 1789.  We also got to visit The Caves, a place where pirates once hid their treasure, and got to try some local cuisine.  The tour took about four hours and was well worth the price!


Our getaway was fantastic and we are definitely looking forward to another trip.  We have already decided Grenada will be our next stop!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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