Why We Took an Adult Only Vacation


You won’t believe the faces we got when we told people we were going on a vacation without our little one year old son.  People told us we were going to be miserable and feel guilty.  They acted like we were leaving our son for good!

I am all for traveling with my son, don’t get me wrong.  I am eager to take Jonathan on vacations so we can have those memories and experiences.  We have discussed going on cruises, a Beaches resort, Disney World, and a ton of smaller vacations with him and any other children we may have in the future.  These will happen in due time though.  Below you will find why we took an adults only vacation.


Reason #1:  He was too young!

Jonathan is a year old, and really, he would never even remember the trip.  So in our eyes, we didn’t see how forking out a huge amount of money would be justified when all he would ever remember are pictures of him sitting on the beach.  Not to mention, he was still only crawling.  He really would not have enjoyed sitting around on the beach for four days.  My little guy is a busy body!  He needs a lot of action.

Also, to add on to this, we love to SCUBA dive!  If we had taken Jonathan along for the ride, either we would not have gotten to experience diving in the Bahamas, or we would have needed to recruit a grandma to tag along for babysitting purposes!  😉

Reason #2:  We want to keep the love alive!

Before Jonathan, hubby and I traveled regularly.  Really, we started our relationship out with travels.  Colby was still in the Marine Corps and stationed in California.  I flew out to see him on two separate occasions before he got out.  In the last three years, we have also traveled to Dallas multiple times, Branson, St. Louis, Denver, St. Lucia, and Jamaica.  We love traveling!  It is a great way for us to get away from everything at home and just enjoy one other’s presence.  As many of you know, it is hard to enjoy one another’s company when the baby is crying, dishes and laundry need to be done, and you have brought work home for the third night in a row.  When we travel, all that goes away.  It is just he and I.  I absolutely cherish that time I have with him!


Reason #3:  I want to give my whole self.

Sometimes parents just need a break.  I won’t lie, this last year at work has been a little trying.  My husband has a wonky schedule with college, work, and his extracurricular club events.  So all of this, plus the regular daily tasks of just being a mom, has really worn on me.  By going away for a few days, I felt like I could come back and truly take on the world.  I felt refreshed (though I was exhausted the first full day back from travel)!  I was beyond elated to give Jonathan all the love and attention he needed.  I felt put together again.  Like emotionally I could handle whatever may be thrown at me.

Now anybody who chooses to not travel because they have little ones, or they only travel with their kids, power to you!  We are all different and enjoy different things in life.  Traveling is something my husband and I thoroughly enjoy though, so I truly hope Jonathan one day enjoys it as much as we do!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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