First Zoo Trip


I’m clearly catching up on some past events with my posts lately, but nevertheless, we went to the Oklahoma City Zoo over Spring Break with our little guy!  He loved it!  He obviously didn’t really know what we were doing, or why we were there, but he still enjoyed his time.  Jonathan is definitely a people watcher.  (I like to think he got this from my Grandpa Joy who would sit on the front porch and watch people walk and drive past.)  He loves to look at everyone as we go past.  He makes friends with complete strangers just by smiling and waving.  He truly is very personable!

We obviously went to the zoo at a very busy time, but it was still pretty enjoyable.  We took Jonathan in our Graco jogging stroller which was a little trying at times because of the masses of people.  The stroller is on the bigger side because of the front third wheel, so I had to maneuver very carefully around people.  He enjoyed himself in there though!  He would kick his legs and point and babble on about whatever he saw.

Sadly, we didn’t get to see many monkeys.  Most of them seemed to be in hiding or something.  There was one monkey though that seemed very interested in Jonathan.  The monkey was sitting by the window and just stared right at him, even though there was probably thirty other kids and adults trying to get his attention.  Had mama a little worried!!


We are definitely eager to get him back to the zoo.  I feel experiences like these quick trips are what children will always remember.  I want Jonathan to have some amazing memories from his childhood!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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