It Isn’t Easy


I had another post planned for yesterday, but that clearly didn’t happen.  My little guy is sick.  AGAIN.  I swear it seems like he is never healthy, though we have made it about 2 months since having to go to the doctor’s office!  *cue happy dance*  In the fourteen months of his life, Jonathan has had 6 ear infections, which led to tubes being put in, RSV twice, pink eye, croup, and now, as of an hour ago, strep twice.

Now this post is not about me complaining about how sick my little one is.  I know there are so many moms and dads out there that have it far worse than what I have experienced.  I also know that I am extremely blessed to even have my little guy in my life, so please, don’t think this is a complaint session.

woman holding baby while sitting on fur bean bag

All of this is to say, motherhood is hard!  This job of being a mother and care provider is not for the weak of heart.  We get gross.  We get exhausted.  We get screamed at.  It is far from a glamorous position God has called us to do!

Just today, after a second night of minimal sleep, I proudly walked into the doctor’s office sporting a t-shirt that had a snot trail on one sleeve, a wet tear spot on the other, and dried baby goldfish mixed in there.  My make-up was not even touched today, revealing dark circles under my eyes.  My hair, though washed, never got blow dried and was sloppily thrown into a knot on the top of my head.  At the time, Jonathan was running a 102.1 temperature and was extremely mad about the second strep test being administered in two days (yesterday’s was negative).  He screamed at me for the entire 30 minutes we were in the waiting room, causing me to stress sweat.  I’m quite positive I looked like a truck ran over me.  Like I said, motherhood is far from glamorous!

Now, thankfully, I have an awesome husband who stands by my side through all our ups and downs in life.  He was the one who cleaned the throw-up off the sheets at three o’clock this morning while I tended to Jonathan.  My husband also takes a turn when Jonathan is crying all night.  So if you’re lucky enough to have someone by your side like the guy I have, count your blessings!  At the end of the day, I don’t know how I could ever do motherhood without him!

Fellow mamas, we’ve got this!  God is by our sides and He will help us through whatever phase we are in during our motherhood adventure.  I have always liked the phrase, “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!”

So until next time,

Okie Mom


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