Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule


So as you all know, this whole stay-at-home mom gig is pretty new to me!  (Check out how I got to finally be a stay-at-home mom here.)  Jonathan and I have quickly found a schedule that seems to be working well for us though.  At 14 months old, Jonathan is full of energy and adventure, so our days are filled with a ton of playtime.  There are days where this schedule doesn’t get followed exactly, but for the most part, we seem to have easily found a daily grind to follow.

white cup filled by coffee

6:00– Mama Wakes-Up/Devotional Time/Coffee

6:30– Jonathan Wakes-Up
Jonathan gets a diaper change, milk, and lots of snuggles!

7:00– Walk or Jog
We either take the tricycle for a stroll, or a jog with the stroller.  I feel like this really sets our day in motion!

7:30– Breakfast

8:00– Shower and Dress

8:30– Playtime
During this time, I also try to get dishes done, laundry folded, or writing done.  This is definitely a multi-tasking point in my day!

Sometimes Jonathan doesn’t need it, but here lately he has been requiring a morning nap again.  During his nap, I try to get something productive done around the house. 

Right now, we like to go outside pretty early while it is cooler.  If the backyard is too muddy, as it has been a lot lately, we play in the playroom. 

11:15– Lunch

12:00–  Naptime

1:30– Wake-Up and Playtime

2:30– Snack Time

3:00– Playtime

5:00– Family Time
Colby usually comes home around now.  We enjoy cooking supper, playing outside or in the playroom, and going for walks in the evenings before Jonathan goes to bed.  We just like to do something together!

6:30–Bedtime Routine
You can see more about our bedtime routine with Jonathan by going to one of my previous posts:  One Year Old Bedtime Routine.


Now like I said, this schedule is not set in stone.  Sometimes we spend time with family or friends and the whole schedule goes out the window.  On a normal day at home though, this has been working out for us pretty well!  Also, obviously, as time goes, the schedule will change to reflect his growing needs.  They seem to grow so quickly!

So until next time,

Okie Mom


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