Melissa & Doug Coffee Maker Set


A couple weekends ago we went to visit my brother for his birthday.  While there, we made a quick trip to the mall and ran into Goody’s.  I found a Melissa & Doug Coffee Maker Set that I had been eye-balling ever since I saw one at a good friend’s house.  Jonathan is a pro at coffee making.  Anytime we are holding him and make coffee with our Keurig, he eagerly assists us by opening the top, pulling out the old coffee pods, and pushing the brew button.  It really is just adorable to watch!


This set comes with eleven pieces:  the coffee maker, 2 coffee cups, 3 coffee pods, milk, sugar, spoon, an ice cube, and a menu.  The recommended age for this toy is three years old and up.  My little guy is 14 months old, so I took out a few of the pieces I didn’t feel like he necessarily needed.  I pulled out the menu (it would end up crinkled), the ice cube, and spoon (they would end up in his mouth).

As soon as we opened up the coffee maker, Jonathan was unstoppable!  He loves sitting in the floor, putting a coffee pod in the maker, and then eagerly putting the pod in his coffee cup before walking around with it.  He loved it so much, I literally had to pry the cup out of his hands for bath time and he even fell asleep holding the cup.  This boy LOVES his Melissa & Doug Coffee Maker Set!


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So until next time,

Okie Mom


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