A Peek Into Our Lumberjack Nursery


I’m already starting to plan Jonathan’s “toddler” bedroom, which got me to thinking about how much I really do LOVE his lumberjack themed nursery.  Before I even knew he was going to be a boy, I knew if I had a little boy, I wanted to have red and black buffalo plaid in his bedroom.  Pinterest can do that to a girl!  You have all these ideas before you really even need them!  It turned out just the way I wanted it to though.  I still look around his room periodically and think about how much I love it!


This was the last bedroom we had to remodel in our house.  We had intentionally waited to make updates until we had a little one on the way.  This room originally only had a small wall sconce and outdated trim.  Plus, the walls and ceilings were all tan, making the room even darker.  My sweet husband was able to put the shiplap up, which I LOVE!  We were also able to change out the trim and put a new light fixture up.  The picture above shows you what the room looked like when we were actually looking at buying it in 2015.


Finding the right bedding and curtains for Jonathan’s room was a bit of a challenge.  I couldn’t quite get myself to drop hundreds of dollars on his bedding when I knew he would only use it a couple years.  I kept my eye out for red and black buffalo plaid and ended up buying a whole bolt of fabric when I finally found some!  I also, thankfully, have an awesome Mema who so graciously helped me sew Jonathan’s curtains and bed skirt.


Most of the decorations hanging up on the walls were from Hobby Lobby!  They had, and I think still have, an awesome section that fit my décor to the T.  I also have a sweet friend who made, yes, I said made, that adorable mobile!  It definitely added a finishing touch to his little room that I love!


The bedroom we have Jonathan in is the smallest of the three in our house.  I figured he really didn’t need a lot of furniture for the time being, so I used a lot of furniture we already had.  I have had the four cubes that make up the changing table since I was a young teenager.  We just screwed them together and added a changing pad to make a place to change all those dirty diapers.  I have also had the cube shelf in his closet for several years.  It has been a great place for added storage!  Cube storage bins have been a life saver as well!


Now, obviously, as time has gone, Jonathan’s nursery no longer looks so organized!  We no longer have a stockpile of diapers in the closet and under the crib.  We have books ALL over the closet floor and there is now a small chair at his desk that he can’t seem to help but pull backwards in the floor everyday.  Regardless, I love how his bedroom turned out!  🙂

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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