What is Independence Day?


I will keep this short as I know many of you don’t have time to read a long post with all your plans for today! I was just rocking my son to sleep and thinking about all the fun activities today will entail. We will get to see family, eat a lot of yummy food, swim, play games, and pop fireworks. As a teenager in my hometown, the Fourth of July was always a big celebration with mushball and horseshoe tournaments, a box car race, city fireworks, and more! Honestly, the Fourth of July, in my opinion, is a really fun holiday!

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Photo Courtesy of NP Studios

On a slight side note, apparently, Oklahoma does it big as I recently saw something on Facebook that said our state is the number one most dangerous on the Fourth of July. So with that said, all my fellow Oklahomans, please be safe today! People get distracted in all their travels, and I know first hand, they get a little crazy with their fireworks! Be careful! Okay, mama rant done…

With all this said, I don’t want to lose sight, with all the fun, of what the day celebrates. On this very day in 1776, our country signed the Declaration of Independence, which told the whole world we were separating ourselves from Great Britain. This is a time for us to celebrate and find happiness in the phrase “all men are created equal”. We are free!!!

This is also a day for us to celebrate all the men and women, whether in the past or present, who have fought to maintain our freedom. So many people have put their lives on the line to protect what our forefathers have given us. I can’t thank them enough for their sacrifices.

My Husband, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”–Psalm 33:12

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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