Our Toddler Summertime Bucket-List


I won’t lie.  I. LOVE. SUMMER.  It makes it even better now that my little guy is getting older.  Last summer, I felt like all I could really do was sit inside.  You can only do so much with a little bitty squishy newborn.  This summer, I have been determined to get out and enjoy some outdoor (& indoor) time with Jonathan.  Here in Oklahoma, I always feel like we have hit the downhill slide once we hit the Fourth of July, but since I will be home with Jonathan this year, and not teaching, I have some extra time to get through our bucket-list!

What we have done:

  • Splash Pad:  There are splash pads everywhere it seems like!  Jonathan has been to two different splash pads this summer, and really enjoys them.  He likes the water, but he also just enjoys watching and looking at other people.  He is a people watcher!  😉
  • Swimming Pool:  This is an obvious I feel like, but it should still be mentioned!  We have enjoyed swimming pools at family members’ houses, as well as a public pool.  Lets just say, we love water!
  • Water Park:  In Oklahoma, there are several places you could go to within the state, but there are also several places in Texas.  We loved the indoor Water-Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma.  They have a mommy and me morning where you only pay $10.99 (+tax) for mom, and all kids 5 and under are free!  This specific water park has a lazy river, baby and toddler area, adult height slides, and more!  To make it even better, it’s indoors!  I had no worry about my pastey boy getting sunburned!
  • Zoo:  This is one of those places that you probably don’t want to go to when it is 90 degrees or more, especially if you have little ones!  We thankfully were able to go with some friends before it go too terribly hot.  Strolling through the animal exhibits, feeding giraffes, petting stingrays, and just hanging out with family and friends is so much fun!  You can see more about the first time we went to the zoo by going to one of my previous posts:  First Zoo Trip.
  • Park:  Again, this is one of those obvious small trips to take, but we really have had a lot of fun going to our local toddler park.  The small jungle gym and other pieces are perfect for our little guy!

What we still want to do:

  • Indoor Playground:  I have heard some awesome things about Playbox, an indoor playground in Mustang, Oklahoma.  I am really hoping to take Jonathan in the next month or so!  Indoor playgrounds of any kind offer air conditioning and fun for your little one.  This would be a great place to go when it is way too hot to be outside, as it is a lot here in the great state of Oklahoma!
  • Science Museum:  Again, this is a great place to go when the temperatures continue to rise.  (Oddly, I seem to have unintentionally left several indoor activities for July and August! :))  Science museums are everywhere!  We went to a really fun science museum in Dallas, Texas, last summer that I would love to go back to.  Science Museum Oklahoma is also a great place to venture to!  This science museum has an area called CurioCity which is a kids area where they can interact with different neighborhoods of hands-on activities.
  • Amusement Park:  Not all amusement parks will be worth your while when you have a young toddler like myself, but there are some kid amusement parks out there as well!  The one I hope to go to in the next month is Bartlesville, Oklahoma’s Kiddie Park.  This specific park has been open since the 1940s and specializes in rides for kids aging two to six.  We are very excited to check it out!
  • Aquarium:  This is another great place to get out of the summer heat!  Aquariums typically offer hands-on experiences as well as a lot of visual stimulation.  Little ones will have a blast getting to check-out all the water life and, if they are anything like my son, all the people around!

We are so loving our summer!  Hopefully you are as well!  What experiences do you think are must-haves for your little ones?  I would love to know what you think!  Comment below and tell me about what you and your little ones have been doing to keep busy!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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