The Wonders of Stitch Fix


I get asked questions all the time about certain pieces of my wardrobe, and it seems like nine times out of ten I got it from Stitch Fix!  I.  Love.  Stitch Fix.  So anytime I have the chance to tell people about how it works, I jump at the opportunity.  Stitch Fix is an online styling service that handpicks clothing items for women, men, and kids and sends them directly to your door!  No mall required!  It all starts by creating a style profile, you choose a delivery date, try on the pieces that are delivered, then you buy what you like and return what you don’t.  Super easy!

Stitch Fix is geared towards all walks of life.  I have used Stitch Fix to request clothes for my Jamaica trip, clothes for teaching, a maternity dress, and now comfortable stay-at-home mom clothes (that aren’t a t-shirt and running shorts).  When you go in to create your styling profile, you are able to specifically ask for just pants or shirts, or tell them you have a specific event coming up that you want to get clothes for.  The stylists are truly there to help you with whatever you may need!

Now, the number one question I get is, “How expensive are the clothes though?”  Okay, so let me start with that you do have to pay a $20 styling fee before your Stitch Fix box is sent to you.  If you are to buy something, that $20 is deducted from your total though!  According to the Stitch Fix website, the men’s and women’s clothing range from $25 a piece to $500.  The kids line starts at $10 a piece.  When you go into your style profile though, you tell them how much you are willing to spend on pieces.  Your personal stylist will do his or her best to stick within your budget.  Also, a little incentive, Stitch Fix gives you 25% off your total when you buy all five pieces they send your way!

I have also been asked about the sizing of the Stitch Fix clothes.  Again, looking at the Stich Fix website, they are currently carrying women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X, men’s sizes XS-3XL, and kid’s sizes 2T-14.  They even offer maternity clothes!  So there really is a wide variety of sizes offered!

Just to give you a little look into some of the pieces I have bought from Stitch Fix, my sweet husband has helped me with a little photo shoot!  Enjoy!  🙂

Items from Stitch Fix appearing from left to right:  white with blue print top (1st picture), black top and camo shorts (2nd picture), floral multi-colored top (3rd picture), floral grey and pink dress (4th picture)

If Stitch Fix is something you are interested in, feel free to use my referral link and you’ll get a $25 credit towards your first Stitch Fix!  $20 will go to your styling fee and the remaining $5 will go towards anything you may decide to purchase.  Click HERE to get your $25 off!

Upon becoming a Stitch Fix customer, you are given the opportunity to take part in their Referral Program.  When a person uses the above link, they will be given a $25 credit, but the referee (myself in this case), will also receive a $25 credit!

If you have any other questions about Stitch Fix, please feel free to let me know!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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