Toddler Tales #1: SNAP! POP!


So I’ve decided to start a new series featuring my sweet little guy. As most of you know, having children is truly an adventure! It’s kind of like Forest Gump’s saying of, “You never know what you’re going to get!” The Toddler Tales series will be a way for me to share some stories we experience with our little guy! (Because trust me, we are on a wild ride with this one!)

I’m going to start with a sweet moment with our guy back during the week of the Fourth of July.  Last year, Jonathan was only three and a half months old, and really wasn’t a fan of fireworks.  We actually took him home before the fireworks really got started because he just was not a fan of all the loud noises.  This year though, I had been hoping for a little more excitement!

The three of us checked out a local firework stand and bought just a few little fireworks:  a couple fountains, some Black Cats for Colby, sparklers, snakes, a couple tanks and hens, and a couple boxes of snappers.  That evening, I told Colby we should go to the backyard and let Jonathan pop some of the snappers on the back porch.  In my head, I didn’t think he would really be all that interested, but I figured it was worth a shot.  Now, the below video is what happened (TURN THE VOLUME UP AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO!):

Needless to say, HE LOVED THEM!  Not to mention, how stinkin’ cute is that little giggle?!  You know those people that laugh and you just can’t help, but smile, or laugh back?  This little guy definitely has one of those contagious giggles.

The rest of the Fourth of July fireworks also went well.  He didn’t mind the noisy fireworks.  He liked getting to hold sparklers.  Maybe I should say, he liked holding sparklers a little too much for my comfort!  He is definitely a little wild with his sparklers!

All these new, fun experiences are truly a blast to get to watch with Jonathan.  This particular age has some struggles, as do most ages, but these little moments definitely make them all worth while!  🙂

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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