Bartlesville Kiddie Park


Okay, so life has definitely picked up these last couple of weeks with schools starting here in the great state of Oklahoma.  With that said, I have SLACKED on my posts!  I have been super busy though!  So sorry!

Just this last weekend though, we took a trip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  We have been there multiple times, but this time I had a specific event in mind that I wanted to take Jonathan to.  I mentioned the Bartlesville Kiddie Park in a previous post, Our Toddler Summertime Bucket-List, where I gave some information about things I wanted to do with our little guy.  We got to check it out finally, and LOVED IT!

Now, that is not to go without saying, Jonathan struggled in the beginning.  Colby and I may have jumped in head first and started with some of the scarier rides that totally rocked our almost 17 month old’s world.  He screamed and cried on the first three rides.  I started thinking I had made a major error in thinking when I thought this was a good idea.

After a few rides, he was able to start enjoying them and actually cried when I would take him off the car ride because he didn’t want to get off!  Like I told my husband and brother while we were watching him ride, it was one of those proud, happy mama moments.  It was awesome getting to watch him sit on rides all by himself and enjoy them.  He has really started to grow up on me and is eager to do things independently!


There are a few rides he was not able to ride because he was just under the height requirement, like the boats.  So I’m super excited to take him back next summer when he is a little taller, and older.  I’m hoping he will be a little more excited for the “bigger” rides.  (His mama may be super into roller coasters and is hoping to pass on the love!)  There were also rides adults can ride with their little ones as well!

As the summer months come to a close here in Oklahoma, the Kiddie Park has now changed their open days to Friday and Saturday nights.  During June and July, you were able to visit Tuesday thru Saturday nights.  They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Tickets were also only fifty cents a piece and each ride costs a ticket per person.  Amazing!  To check out their website, go here!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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