Not Everyone is Cut Out to Be a SAHM


To start off with, I just realized this is my 51st post here at Okie Mom!  Woohoo!  It may have taken me longer to get here than I had planned, but I have enjoyed the ride and love hearing the positive feedback I get from my readers!  So thank you for joining me along this journey I have embarked on!

Now, back to the topic at hand!


I should start with saying these are my opinions.  There are no studies that I’m using to support what I’m saying, but this is what I have experienced in my last 5 months of staying home with my little guy.

As most of you know, I have been a teacher for 5.5 years.  Teaching is definitely something I loved.  Being able to pass on my love of language arts with my students was amazing!

This last school year though, things definitely changed for me though.  I missed my baby so incredibly much!  You can read more about my decision to stay home with Jonathan in one of my previous posts:  A New Adventure.

I won’t lie, working a full-time job, trying to be a good wife and mommy, while also taking care of just daily tasks was sometimes VERY trying.  I remember feeling like I was drowning because I had papers to grade, lesson plans to come up with, a baby that wanted his mommy’s attention, dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor, and a husband that was going to college full-time and working part-time.  Life.  was.  a.  struggle.

Now, people have made the comment to me that I “just stay home”.  Honestly, the first time someone said this I wanted to smack them silly.  Really?  I “just stay home”?  This makes it sound like I sit around on the couch all day, every day, watching T.V. and eating ice cream while my son runs around and fends for himself.

Being a stay-at-home-mom is a job in and of itself.  It’s hard!  Now, when I say it’s hard, I mean mainly emotionally and mentally.  My job is to serve my family.  It is my job to take care of the cleaning, cooking, and childcare.

Now, I am very blessed in that my husband is pretty much a rock star and is more than happy to help me when he can.  Sometimes though, that just isn’t in the cards.

As a stay-at-home-mom, my job is never over.  I live and breath my family.  I get no lunch breaks.  I don’t get paid overtime.  I don’t have weekends off.  I don’t get vacation time.  Literally, serving my family is what I do!

Honestly, for me, I love it!  I love being able to serve my husband and sweet boy during this time in our lives.  I may not be able to do it for long, I mean really, who knows, so I am taking advantage of everyday I get to stay home with my boy.  I am enjoying watching him grow right before my eyes.  I love getting to be able to take walks, go to the park, get donuts, or just snuggle on the couch any day that I want.  This time with Jonathan is truly so precious.

This is not to go without saying that, yes, there have been days when as soon as my husband walked in the door I told him I needed some Jesus time, walked in the playroom/office, shut the door, and had to just take 15 minutes to just be.  Some days are emotionally trying with a toddler!

There have been times when people have truly not understood where I was coming from when I have told them I’m just worn out.  They look at me like, “Yeah, right!”.  Or make the comment of, “Oh trust me, I understand!”.  But do you really?!  Yes, I do think some people get where I’m coming from.  Some people really do get it.

I’ve made the comparison for my husband that it would be like if he went to work from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the week, with no lunch breaks, just a couple evenings of free time for an hour or two, and the only payment is a “Thank you!” at the end of every two weeks.  (I can honestly say, he wouldn’t stay at that job long!  ;))

Really though, not everyone is cut out to be a stay-at-home-mom and that is totally okay!  We are all made differently.  We all have different wants and desires out of our lives.  For me, being a stay-at-home-mom has been a true blessing, regardless of how tiring it can be!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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