When the Hustle Becomes Too Much


Okay, as I mentioned in a quick post last week, I went a little MIA. Honestly, life just got busy. My hubby’s work has been a little extra hectic, plus he picked up some craft shows. My little guy has been sick off and on. Not to mention, he has acquired a knack for hitting and telling people “shoo”, so I have been attempting to figure out how to teach my little guy respect and kindness (with only minimal luck at this point). Plus, a couple mommies were kind enough to let me watch their kiddos periodically! Jonathan and I definitely love having his friends over, but going from one kid to two and three is definitely a transition for this mama!

Now, amidst the chaos of life, it can be really hard, at least for me, to get my mind right. After being hit in the face by a (almost) two year old the 10th time in an hour, I sometimes snap. I yell at him. And then he makes this really sad face, his bright blue eyes downcast, bottom lip sticking out, and shoulders slumped, that breaks my heart. That’s always when I realize I need to get both my mind and heart in check.

In comes my daily reminder to take a pause in life. For Christmas this year, I received a book: 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus, by Shanna Noel. You can click here to find yourself a copy! Now, I am only on day 5, but I have honestly loved it so far. As many of you know, I enjoy working on Bible journaling. This devotional by Noel incorporates journaling with a quick daily dose of Jesus. Each day has a quick (about half a page) devotional, four Bible verses, and a prayer. The empty space can be used for drawing, writing, painting, or whatever your heart desires!

I’m very eager to share this devotional because it is so versatile! You can really work through it however you like. You could do one a day, or five a week. The main thing is putting aside the daily stresses of life to soak in the Word of God!

Day #1

I’ll be showing some of pages as I work through it. I can’t wait to share more later!

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So until next time,

Okie Mom

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