Time Out for Parents


When Jonathan is asleep and I don’t have 500 things to do around the house (honestly, sometimes even when I do), I will sit on my couch, phone in hand, and I will price vacations. It’s an obsession. I want to travel the world. I seriously just love it! There is something about getting to experience new cities, trying new food, and getting out of my little Oklahoma community that I just can’t get enough of.

Before my sweet husband and I had our son, we would get away ALL THE TIME. Sometimes they were big vacations where we had to save for a full year to go, but a lot of the time they were road trips to neighboring states. That time spent locked up in a car with one another, though sometimes absolutely draining, was always filled with laughter and great conversation. I wouldn’t trade those hours with my husband for anything.

Now that we have our little boy, travel has been very limited. Really, any quality time with my husband tends to be limited. I’ve come to realize that having a kid does that. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE my little boy unconditionally. Having him in our lives is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to us. Our attention has just been pulled away from one another, and has been directed to our little guy, which I feel like is to be expected.

Moral of all of this is to say, I’ve learned during our time as a married couple and parents that I need to make sure to take a breather away from our little precious human so that I can also focus on my relationship with my husband.

I don’t know about you, and many of my friends and family members can vouch for what it is like to take Jonathan out to eat, but dinner out with little ones isn’t always relaxing. Instead of the great conversation with my husband I may hope for, I’m cleaning up vomit (sorry, Mom!), trying to keep an overly tired little boy from losing his mind, or simply making sure he is fed and taken care of all before I get to eat my food that was once hot.

As parents, we owe it to ourselves to have date nights (or days). Just recently, I noticed a loss of connection between Colby and I. We weren’t fighting. We weren’t having any marriage problems. We just weren’t clicking. We weren’t seeing the same picture. I felt disconnected.

I quickly realized, we were in need of some time away from our tiny tornado. We needed to be able to have a full conversation about, well, really, anything, without being interrupted by “MOMMY!”.

It’s crazy how just those few hours away from our little guy helped us. I don’t know if Colby every felt that disconnect, but I know I did. I needed that time with him. I needed to spend three hours watching a movie I really didn’t care about, holding his hand, eating popcorn, and talking about whatever we wanted to talk about to and from Grammy’s house. I needed that time of connection with him.

You deserve to take time out of your busy lives for one another. It may not be a vacation or road trip like what I keep planning. It may just be a trip to Braum’s for ice cream. Maybe, a dinner and movie in the same town that you live. If you haven’t noticed though, it can truly do wonders for your relationship! Not to mention, distance makes your heart grow fonder, so that time away from little ones can definitely make you feel energized and ready for whatever they may throw your way! 😉

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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