If I’ve Said It Once, I’ll Say It Again…


It’s funny to me how sometimes conversations seem to just pop up multiple times throughout the span of a few days. I typically take that as a sign that I’m not the only one that has these thoughts/feelings, so I might as well share with others!

I’ve recently had the conversation with a fellow mom and friend that it’s perfectly okay to say, “Help! Can someone take my kids so I can get a little breather/go grocery shopping/put away my 10 piles of laundry/etc.?” Because you know, the saying, “It takes a village”, holds some major truth. Raising kids shouldn’t be left to just one or two people. We have family and friends around us for a reason. We should utilize those that love and care about us, as well as our kiddos, when we need them.

I also just had the conversation with a family member about the fact that I REALLY enjoy my “mommy time”. Sometimes I feel super guilty about it. I feel like I shouldn’t want to be away from my house and baby boy periodically. I’ve honestly gotten some rotten faces from people when I have said I enjoy my hour here and there when I can just get away from everyone and enjoy my own company. (I should mention I’m writing this as I sit in a local coffee shop, by myself, sipping on a caramel mocha.) When I get that little break, I feel like I can go back to my chaotic life as a mommy, and love and appreciate everything God has blessed me with so much more.

I know this is something I have written about before (Time Out For Parents and Mommy Time), but it is something that I have a full belief in. Everybody needs a break sometimes, but mommies are always taking care of others. We are taking care of household chores, doing one hundred things at a time for our kiddos, and still trying to take care of ourselves (which sometimes seems impossible when you can barely take a shower without your two year old coloring on your rug, climbing on your desk, or dumping all his toys out just because he can). It’s sometimes never ending! So if you haven’t taken some time for yourself, please do! I truly think you will go back to your family refreshed and ready for another go ’round!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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