About Me


When asked to describe myself, I always seem to stumble on how to do just that. So in simple terms, I’m a Christian, wife, mom, and teacher. I would describe myself as a “learning” Christian, though I was raised going to church most of my life. Really though, when do you ever stop learning about the amazing things God can do?

I married my husband, Colby, in 2016. He has been my rock through so many ups and downs in the last few years of my life. I am beyond grateful for everything he has and will continue to do for our little family.


I was made a fur mom by Theodore, my feisty little Yorkie, 7 years ago. Just this last year though, I was made a mommy again when my husband and I welcomed a sweet little boy into the world. Jonathan has been a true blessing. Being his mommy has been the best adventure!


Finally, I’m a teacher. I currently teach 6th grade language arts in a rural Oklahoma community. Being in the classroom, reaps its own rewards every single day. Watching the “light bulb” moment of when students get a new concept is something I will never get tired of seeing.

Being a new mommy, I know how challenging it can be raising little ones. There are always questions that you need answers to. This blog is my way of sharing the knowledge I gain along the way. I hope it helps other mommies on their own adventure of raising little ones!

So until next time,

Okie Mom