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I was recently talking to someone who didn’t realize how absolutely amazing Amazon’s Subscribe & Save can be! I went on and on about what all I buy and how cheap it really can be. Plus, it all gets shipped right to your door! How amazing is that?!

There are a couple perks to enrolling as well! As a prime member, as soon as you enroll in the Subscribe & Save program, you get 5% off of items added to your list. As soon as you hit five or more items though, they bump you up to 15% off. If you have a minimum of five items on your Subscribe & Save, you get an additional 20% off diapers and baby food. Amazing!!

We use our Subscribe & Save for some monthly items for Jonathan, but also some regular household type items. The list below is what we have on our Subscribe & Save, and how often I get it delivered.
Baby Items

  • Pampers Swaddlers Diapers— I get these delivered EVERY month. It is a month’s supply of diapers, so I usually don’t have to buy anymore for the remainder of the month. Plus, from the prices I have seen, with the extra 20% off , these are the cheapest prices I have seen.
  • Pampers Pure Baby Wipes— I get these delivered every month as well. My little guy is pretty sensitive to wipes. These have been our go-to since he was about a month old!
  • ChoiceRefill (Diaper Genie) Pail Refills— I’m all for saving money when I can, so I buy the Amazon brand of the diaper pail refills. They are just as good quality, for quite a bit cheaper. I get these shipped to me every two months.
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste— This is a recent find, but I have this set for every three months. At Wal-Mart, I can only buy the regular size tube. This is a large container and is lasting us a long time, but is just about as much price wise as the small tube at Wal-Mart with the additional 20% off!
  • Sensitive Boogie Wipes— During the winter and allergy season, these are a must! Boogie Wipes have saline in them, so when you are constantly having to wipe a little nose, they will hopefully not get as raw. During the cold times, I had this ordered for every two months, but now that my little guy isn’t quite as sniffly and sneezy, I have recently switched it to every three months.

Hygiene and Personal Products

  • Clear Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution— I felt like hubby was continually telling me he was out of contact solution. This has solved that problem! I have this set for every two months.
  • Thera Breath Oral Rinse— Use mouth wash? This is a great way to get this delivered right to your door! This is also set to ship to me every two months.

Pet Care

  • Greenies Dental Dog Treats— Our little fur child LOVES these. If I don’t have them on hand, he will whine until I give him something else. These are set for every month, but I can sometimes skip a month.
  • Merrick Lil’ Plates— Theodore’s dog food is set to be delivered every two months. I won’t lie, I love that I never have to worry about not having his food. It just gets sent right to me!

Now this is currently, what we have on our Subscribe & Save! There are so many things you could put on yours though; anything from toilet paper and paper towels, to allergy medicine and band-aids!

Some of the links included above are affiliate links, meaning, I will earn a commission if you click-through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love!

So until next time,

Okie Mom

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